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Lamb (Wool Sheep)

Lamb (Wool Sheep)

Sales Tax Included

We are taking reservations for lambs that are going to the butcher on November 1st. The $50 deposit is to hold your reservation for a whole lamb and will be counted towards your final payment.

This year we will be charging $5.50/lb hanging weight. We expect the wool lambs to be around 50 -75 lbs hanging weight.

Our lambs are going to be process at Cedar Wedge Processing in Bonduel. You will be required to pay the $95 processing fee at the butcher to have it cut up the way you would like.

This is our first year selling the wool lamb so be sure to let us know what you think because we would love your feedback.

  • Estimated Total Cost

    Example: 65lb Lamb

    65lbs hanging weight X 5.50/lb = $357.50 payment to Ski Farms to purchase the lamb


    $95 processing fee to the butcher= $452.50 grand total for a whole lamb

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