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Half Beef Deposit

Half Beef Deposit

Sales Tax Included

We sell our beef at $3.40/lb hanging weight for a quarter. You will still have to pay the butcher for your processing fee. We will be bringing the beef to Cedar Wedge Farm Processing located in Bonduel, WI. They charge a $70 kill fee plus $0.70/lb processing fee.


We are taking reservations 2023. It takes 2-3 weeks at the butcher to process your portion of the animal depending on how you would like to have it cut up.

  • Half beef average hanging weight is 400-500lbs 


Our cattle are a Black Angus/Holestien cross. The Black Angus genetics provides our cattle the legendary quality of meat Angus is known for, while the Holestien genetics makes our cattle herd more docile and calm. We raise these cattle from 5 months old until they reach butcher weight. The cattle are grown on our high quality pastures that are set up for intensive managed grazing. This meaning each day they are given access to a new paddock of fresh pasture to eat. We provide them access to clean water and minerals 24/7.

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