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Meet the Family

A Family of Hard Workers and True Believers

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Louis and Sherri Szczepanski


Joe and Jon Szczepanski


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The Farmers

A Man and His Dog Chasing Their Dreams

Hello, my name is Jonathan Szczepanski and I believe in the future of agriculture. Growing up, agriculture played a major role in my life as I worked on my Uncle's Dairy Farm. I fell in love with the farming lifestyle while learning how to care for the land and the animals. From that young childhood, I always dreamed of continuing the family farm another generation. Unfortunately, I put that dream to the side since the number of small family farms were on the decline because of the moto "Go big or go out" referencing the rise of the mega farms. Therefore, after graduating Pulaski High School in 2014, I enlisted in the Army. I completed my years of service and moved back home. I worked at a few jobs but they just didn't feel right. 
Fortunately, I have some amazing friends that sparked my interest in sustainable farming. A farming style that takes us back to our roots where animals are raised out on pasture versus the massive CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) that our current food system supports.  Long story short, I am currently a full time student enrolled at NWTC for their Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems - Associate Degree. With the knowledge gained and the help of my family and friends, I am determined to accomplish my dreams of farming full time and becoming a stewardship of the land.

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